Army Worm

CommonArmyworm-Larva-500Army Worm is the singular of Army Worms, gee I’m clever.


But seriously, if you spot one [Army Worm] then it’s a good chance that there are a lot of these army worms hidden under the grass (in the thatch). Normally, the [Army Worms] come out at night to forage on the leaves of the grass or the lawn, and in the daytime they usually hide in the thatch of the grass.


Besides getting on your knees and pulling the grass back (in the damaged lawn area) and looking for the Army Worms, you can pour soapy water to a square metre of the affected grass and place a towel over the top. Wait a couple of minutes and the Army Worms will be hurrying to get to the top of the grass. You see they don’t like soapy water much.


For more info on Army Worm go to www.Lawngreen.com.au/Armyworms_and_Lawn_Grubs

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