Information About Lawn Green

Company Name: Lawn Green Pty Ltd
Australian Business Number: 45 066 925 424
Head Office Address: 7 Elliott Place Cherrybrook NSW 2126 Australia
Telephone: 1300 55 74 72
Email: mail at lawngreen dot com dot au
Contacts: Gerry Faehrmann
Insurance Cover:
Workers’ Compensation Insurance CGU Workers’ Compensation (NSW) Limited, Level 5, 65 Pirrama Road Pyrmont  NSW 2009 Telephone 1300.666.506 Insured: Lawn Green Pty Ltd Policy No: 20.WOR.8800352122

Public Liability Insurance GIO General Limited, Sydney NSW 2000 Insured: Lawn Green Pty Ltd Policy No: AP7F200002 Policy Type: Business Combined Limits of Indemnity: $10 million Public Liability Insurance Cover Certificates of Currency of Lawn Green’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy and Public Liability Insurance Policy are available on request

Motor Vehicle Insurance: All motor vehicles are comprehensively insured.
Quality Assurance: Lawn Green is dedicated to providing quality lawn care and landscape maintenance in a professional manner.
Occupational Health and Safety: Lawn Green has a strong commitment to the safety of all its employees, sub-contractors and the public on and around our work sites, office and yard.Strict compliance with Occupational Health and Safety regulations ensure Lawn Green’s employees and sub-contractors are well versed on these regulations. All safety barriers and signs are used as required, and obvious safety equipment and clothing appropriate to the landscape industry are used and worn. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for all products used in all of Lawn Green’s services.
Environmental Policy: As a modern company, Lawn Green is committed to the protection of local flora and fauna adjacent to our job sites.Generic products similar to Roundup Biactive are used to ensure local waterways and watertables are not contaminated. Lawn Green’s Dry Application Method Of Lawn Careâ„¢ ensures that the use of herbicide spraying is minimized. Lawn Green is proud of its Dry Lawn Care Method(as opposed to the Wet or spray on methods used by most of Lawn Green’s direct competitors). Lawn Green proudly supports the suppliers of such innovative dry products that enables the full and unique service delivery to its lawn care clients. All fertilizer and insect control products used by Lawn Green are applied in solid granular form, not liquid form. This ensures Lawn Green limits its amount of liquid herbicide application to just targeted and spot spraying situations. Lawn Green’s Dry Lawn Care Method is particularly attractive to those clients of ours that are concerned about liquid chemicals present on their lawns with pets or children around. Clients also have expressed concern with “spray-drift” of herbicides in liquid form. Inevitably, spray-drifting herbicides may affect plants by causing leaf burn or death. Lawn Green’s DRY Lawn Care is available to clients Sydney-wide.