5 great tips for Lawn Lovers!

lawn-weedsYou can have a beautiful lush green (and weed free) lawn if you follow 5 basic but very important tips!!

  1. Regular fertilising and weed control of lawn areas
  2. To make it harder for lawn weeds to spread and proliferate, it is desirable to mow the lawn at a height of around 30mm (generally for most turf grasses including kikuyu, couch and buffalo – and for durban at a height of around 50mm). The turf grass will grow dense and thick, making it harder for weed seeds to germinate. Best results will occur with frequent mowing, thus encouraging good lateral growth.
  3. Correct watering habits! Deep and infrequent watering of your lawn will give best results. People make the mistake of watering their lawn every day for short periods of 5 minutes.
  4. Water your lawns (and plants for that matter) in the morning time to reduce chances of fungal attacks.
  5. Remind your lawnmower man to only ever remove one-third of the turf grass’s leaf (at each mowing session), and to also to raise the mower’s cutting height to avoid lawn scalping. In the event of lawn scalping, use river sand to remove any lumps and bumps in the lawn. River sand does not go hard and crusty in the summer heat like ordinary top-soil does, and can be purchased in bagged quantities from local suppliers