[What Grass Is That] [Zeon Zoysia] Grown And Trialled By GreenLife Turf

Another “How To” video for Homeowners and Contractors – GreenLife Turf’s [Zeon Zoysia] – uploaded to Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/YourLawnAndGarden on 19/4/2016.

For your Fact Sheet go to FACT-SHEET-GreenLifeTurfZionZoysia .

Video Script for GreenLife Turf’s Zeon Zoysia as follows:

“Turf Talk” with Green Life Turf about a new Zoysia they are selling under the Lawn Solutions Australia banner

Video Script:

1) Gidday it’s the Lawn Expert here.

2) Today I am catching up with Patrick from GreenLife Turf – www.GreenLifeTurf.com.au – these guys have been an integral part of my www.LawnGreen.com.au business since we made the change from Commercial Landscape Maintenance to (just) weed & feed Lawn Care in 2004.

3) Whenever we come across a quote where we cannot help the homeowner with their lawn (as it might be beyond saving) then we recommend they get GreenLife Turf in to give them a quote to supply and lay new turf. As around 80% of new turf sales are Buffalo Turf, they tend to sell mostly Sir Walter Buffalo. For more info on all the turf grasses they sell have a look at http://www.GreenLifeTurf.com.au/turf-varieties 

4) Our relationship with them is a 2 way street. So naturally we also get plenty of referrals from GreenLIfe Turf – it works well both ways.

5) For more info on Sir Walter Buffalo go to http://SirWalter.com.au/ . Also more information on other Turf Grasses sold via http://www.LawnSolutionsAustralia.com.au/

6) Today, Patrick is going to show me a sample of a Turf Grass variety they are marketing. This grass is called Zeon Zoysia. Patrick explains all the benefits of this new Zoysia grass and how it ticks all the boxes in different situations.

7) Hope this helps you out.

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