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[What Grass Is That] [Queensland Blue Couch] [Couch Grass] [Bermuda Grass] [Durban Grass]

Another “How To” video for Homeowners and Contractors –  What Grass Is That – Queensland Blue Couch vs Couch Grass vs Durban Grass – uploaded to Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/YourLawnAndGarden on 24/6/2016.

For your Fact Sheet go to FACT-SHEET-WhatGrassIsThat-QBCvsCouchvsDurban .

Video Script for What Grass Is That – Queensland Blue Couch vs Couch Grass vs Durban Grass as follows:

1) Gidday it’s the lawn expert

2) What Turf Grass is That?

3) I am at another customer’s lawn in Castle Hill. What is interesting with this site is that it has 3 different turf grasses grown on site and I can show you them side by side for quick comparison.

4) On the nature strip of this job we have Durban Grass (Dactyloctenium australe), and inside the property there is a lawn with both Couch / Green Couch / Bermuda Grass (Cynodon dactylon) and Queensland Blue Couch (Digitaria didactyla).

5) All these grasses vary in colour and texture and the pictures and video do best in showing what they look like.

6) Hope this helps.

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