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Another “How To” video for Homeowners and Contractors –  Durban Grass – uploaded to Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/YourLawnAndGarden on 17/6/2016.

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Video Script for [Destiny Herbicide] as follows:

1) Gidday it’s the lawn expert

2) What Turf Grass is That?

3) Today we are looking at Durban Grass (or Sweet Smother, both accepted common names) or as it is known by its botanical / latin name of Dactyloctenium australe

4) If you have a full shade area then Durban Grass will be a great ground cover grass.

5) Durban Grass is used a lot as ground covering grass under Nut Trees (like macadamia and pecan trees) – you see this a lot in Macadamia Tree plantations along the North Coast of NSW and along the Queensland coast.

6) Durban Grass has both stolons (above ground runners) and rhizomes (below ground runners). Durban Grass needs to be mowed at the highest setting of your mower at around 3 inches or 75mm high so that it looks good, any shorter and the grass opens up exposing the soil to weeds.

7) As far as I know it is not grown any more by turf growers in NSW. You can source Durban Grass from some growers in Queensland.

8) Hope this helps.

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