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weedingWeeding Lawns is the bane of most homeowners and lawn lovers.

Weeding Lawn and Garden Weeding can be carried out in one of 3 main ways of weed control. These 3 different methods of weed control include:

  1. Physical or mechanical control of weeds
  2. Chemical control of weeds
  3. Cultural methods of the control of weeds

The physical or mechanical control of weeds in lawns includes the removal of weeds from the lawn using a garden fork, lawn weeding implements (similar to a small hand-held fork) and one’s own hands / fingers (also known as Elbow Grease).

The chemical control of weeds in lawns can be achieved using an array of herbicides. The range of herbicides includes two (2) groups including pre-emergent herbicides and post-emergent herbicides:

  1. Pre-emergent herbicides are those that prevent the germination of weeds seeds either before germination or just after germination
  2. Post emergent herbicides include all Selective herbicides (that are sprayed over a lawn to poison the target weeds) and Non-Selective herbicides (that will kill the weeds and also any desirable turf grass that is sprayed by the non-selective herbicide).

The cultural control of weeds in lawns can include any of the following actions:

  1. minimal watering over optimum weed germination period
  2. water lawn areas heavily but infrequently – in the Australian climate this would include nil watering in winter and maybe only 1 watering per week in summer if there is no heavy rainfall
  3. regular lawn mowing all year round – especially in the autumn and winter to help prevent the spread of weeds and weed seeds
  4. when lawn mowing make sure to collect all lawn clippings with a lawn mower catcher
  5. fertilise lawns to help lawn density to help prevent weed germination
  6. increase seeding rates as required
  7. rotate herbicides to benefit from the different modes of action

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