Lawn Green Lawn Care – Weed Control Without Spraying or Using Herbicide Sprays

. . . don’t you hate spray-drifting lawn chemicals . . .

Lawn Green has developed the DRY Lawn Care method using totally DRY (and solid) granular products from fertilisers, insect control agents and to including herbicides.

This is really innovative as we have just about eliminated any need for spraying applications.

The success of Lawn Green’s DRY Lawn Care method is achieved by using a granular fertiliser product that is coated with herbicide. The fertiliser naturally greens the lawn and the herbicide stops weed seeds from germinating. It’s that good we tell our new clients and other interested people to have a look at the front lawns of houses that we already look after.

And, of course, our Dry Lawn Care system is 100% safer for pets, children and plants.

So, for a lush, beautiful and greener weed free lawn,
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