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Lawn Care Tips: So you want to save money on your water bill? Well, here’s the heads up on watering your Lawn.

I bet most people are paying too much for their water!

You are too, if you are not using it properly! Some people make the mistake of watering their lawns every day for 5 to 10 minutes. This is, however, the worst thing for their lawns.

A healthy (warm season) turf grass (including kikuyu, buffalo / St Augustine, couch, zoysia turf grasses) will have a root system penetrating the soil profile up to 200mm depth or more. As good gardeners we need to water the lawn heavily but infrequently. What happens then is the water penetrates deep into the soil and then between “drinks” the top layer (of say 30mm or 1 inch) of soil dries out, hence making it harder for weed seeds to germinate.

Remember the old saying “Treat it mean to keep it green!”.

By following this simple rule of deep but infrequent watering, we conserve water and also train our turf grass and the turf’s grass root system to search deeper for moisture resulting in a healthier, greener lawn. So with heavy (and infrequent) watering you help develop a deeper root system for the turf grass and consequently your lawn becomes more drought tolerant, hardy and resilient.

Now this Heavy But Infrequent Watering is actually mimicked by our rainfall (certainly in Australia – except for the mid to late Summers, where we do have some really Hot and Dry spells!). OK so we normally tell you to roll up that hose and just enjoy Your Lawn, however, in those periods of Hot and Dry weather it is good to provide heavy watering via your own garden hose.

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