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Turf Repair Service – Here we are at a prospect’s Sir Walter Buffalo lawn in Bronte, NSW (Eastern Suburbs Of Sydney) to help with [Lawn Repairs] and offer a [Lawn Care Service].

The damage adjacent to bamboo planting is the main problem.

After a few questions we found that the homeowner was doing 2 things incorrectly here:

  1. Whipper snipping edge of Buffalo lawn too low and damaging all the Buffalo stolons
  2. Compounding the damage by using rake to rake up bamboo debris

Turf Repair Service




Both these problems are highlighted in our 1 Page Lawn Lovers Cheat Sheet – grab a copy NOW

Most people don’t appreciate that grasses are built differently and in Buffalo’s case it only has above ground runners (Stolons) so cannot be scalped or cut too short.

Also, in regards to Raking, as quoted from Cheat Sheet: Next, make sure you toss the rake out. Whenever you feel the urge to rake the leaves, debris and rubbish from the lawn, then DON’T! Raking the lawn can cause the lawn to weaken by tearing grass runners away from the thatch, not to mention that the leaves and debris on the lawn have already weakened the grass.

So how do we keep the lawn clean? We mow the lawn all the time with a catcher. So, even in the middle of winter and there are leaves on the lawn and the lawn doesn’t need mowing, we still mow the lawn with a catcher. If there are lots of leaves every week for a few weeks then we make sure to mow (with a catcher). If you think about it, when there are leaves on the lawn, a bit of shade and the grass is slowing down (especially in winter), then we don’t want to damage or weaken the grass anymore by RAKING it.

If you need new turf (including complete soil preparation, turf supply and installation) whether its any one of the many Aussie Buffalo grasses or any other grasses like Couch, Kikuyu and Zoysia then give these guys a call at https://lawnsolutionsaustralia.com.au/ or https://www.myhometurf.com.au/ 

Turf Repair Service – lots of luck with your lawn!