ST91 Buffalo – Lawn Green Lawn Care

SirWalterGrassST91 Buffalo, or ST91 St Augustine grass as it is known in North America, is one of many turf grass types around the world.

In general terms, there are two (2) main categories of landscape turf grasses which are Cool Season grasses and Warm Season Grasses.

Cool Season Grasses include rye and fescue. These grasses are propagated by seed and grow into a single stem plant. Turf rolls of Cool season turfgrasses can also be purchased from turf growers.

Warm Season Grasses include a vast array of lawn and turf grasses used in many different home, commercial and recreational situations. Warm Season grasses are categorized into 2 different groups.

One group of warm season turf include those that have BOTH Above Ground Runners (technically known as Stolons) and Below Ground Runners (technically known as Rhizomes). These grasses include Couch grass (also known as Bermuda Grass in North America), Kikuyu grass, Zoysia, and Seashore Paspalum.

The other group of warm season turf include those that ONLY have Above Ground Runners (Stolons). These grasses include Buffalo grass (also known as St Augustine grass in North America) and Queensland Blue Couch (an Australian turf that is not related to your garden variety bowling green couch).

ST91 Buffalo – named “The Princess Of Soft Leaf Buffalo” by its promoters, suppliers and turf growers – is a turf grass that deceives with a beautiful green appearance yet is very intolerant of broadleaf weed herbicides registered for use on all buffalo turf. In our extensive Lawn Care experience, we tell owners of ST91 Buffalo that we cannot safely spray broad leaf weeds such as bindii, oxalis, clover, flat weed and dandelion without causing serious damage to the desirable turf grass (in this case being the ST91 turf).

Other Buffalo turf like Sir Walter, Kings Pride, Matilda and all the other Australian Buffalo grasses are completely tolerant of (registered) herbicide treatment.

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