ST26 Buffalo Grass And Why You Should Avoid It


Even this website review of [ST26 Buffalo] was scathing! So how can we be sure of Buffalo QUALITY?? Simple, just make sure you buy one of the Aussie Buffalos like [Sir Walter Buffalo], [Sapphire Buffalo], Kings Pride, Matilda etc.










The ST Buffalo varieties (including ST26, ST85 & ST91) are unfortunately still available in Australia.

Always ask for the Aussie brand and you will be OK.


The Aussie Buffalo-s are tolerant of all the herbicides (ie [Javelin] by [Bayer], Spearhead, Bindii Killer etc) registered for use on them, they have well developed root systems so can tolerate the hot summers and lastly (and importantly) they are Australian Made!!!

The ST Buffalo varieties all die within a couple of weeks of being sprayed with Javelin, so as a matter of precaution we always test spray a new customer’s buffalo lawn.