Want to save money on your water bill?

We bet you are paying too much for your water! You are if you are not using it properly and wisely!

Many people make the mistake of watering their lawns every day for 5 minutes. Did you know that by doing this you could be killing your lawn with kindness?

The worst thing you can do for your lawn is to water frequently and for short periods!

A healthy turf grass will have a root system penetrating the soil profile to 200mm to 300mm depth. As good gardeners, we need to water our lawns heavily and infrequently. That is, we need to do the opposite of the mistakes people make as mentioned above. We need to water for long periods (that is, for say 30-60 minutes) but not very often. That is, heavily but infrequently.

What happens then is the water penetrates deep into the soil (with the heavy watering), then between “drinks” the top layer (of say 30mm or 1 inch) of soil dries out, hence making it harder for weed seeds to germinate.

Remember to “Treat it mean to keep it green!” This is the opposite of the killing it with kindness approach.

By following this simple rule (deep but infrequent watering), we conserve water and also train our turf grass and turf grass root system to search deeper for moisture, resulting in a healthier, greener lawn.

Note: All the above information is given assuming that your lawn is a warm season turf grass. Warm season turf grasses include couch, kikuyu, buffalo, zoysia, durban and so on.