Nil Watering For Your Lawn Over Winter

I get a call from a client in St Ives, loves his lawn but annoyed that it is looking like crap.
I asked him to send me some photos before I rush out to pacify him.
Anyway, as soon as I saw the photos, it became apparent what the problem was and how to rectify it.
I asked Rick (because that’s his real name) if he was watering his lawn over winter, yes to that, then I asked him how often, every week to that, then I asked him for how long each time, 1 hour to that.
Therein lies the problem, he is killing the lawn with kindness.
By watering the lawn every week, for one hour, the soil becomes waterlogged and oxygen deprived making it tough on the grass to survive.
As you can see in the photos, the grass is dying as a result of the excess watering.
Our advice is to TURN THE LAWN WATER OFF IN WINTER, and let the prevailing rainfall take care of the watering over winter.
Once again, the old adage applies, “You gotta treat ’em mean to keep em GREEN.”