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Moss In Lawns

Moss In Lawns – Understanding How To Get Rid Of Moss In Lawns!

Moss In Lawns




What is Moss?

  • Moss is a small, green, non vascular plant.
  • Non vascular means the plant does not have an internal system of transporting water, minerals and nutrients to the rest of the plant’s body. Non vascular plants include mosses, lichens and algae.
  • The presence of moss in lawns is a function of shade (and colder conditions), moisture, poor (clay-ey) soils and soil compaction. So the more of these we have the more chance of moss taking hold.
  • Understanding the above point will help us address the issue of getting rid of moss in lawns.

How To Get Rid Of Moss In Your Lawn?

  1. If parts of your lawn are covered in shade it will help to trim and prune garden plants and trees to improve the sunlight to the lawn. The best time to do this is generally in Winter when the shade is at its worst
  2. Introduce Gypsum, or clay breaker to soil to break down the clay content allowing the soil to drain better
  3. Turn irrigation off from April to October (in cooler months) and in heavy rain events
  4. Aerate lawn with Lawn Coring machine, remove cores from lawn and introduce (and broom in) river sand to fill in lawn core holes – the end result is in improving the soil profile’s porosity and drainage. An added benefit of lawn aeration is the soil is better able to transfer oxygen, water and nutrients the lawn’s root system
  5. Improve lawn drainage with agricultural drainage pipes to drain away excess water and to prevent water pooling in the lawn
  6. Apply a selective herbicide like Silverado (the active constituent is Carfentrazone). Don’t apply to kikuyu as it can damage the kikuyu, having said that kikuyu hates shade anyway so would not likely be in this situation
  7. Another product is Surrender (for moss control only – this product is made by Yates) – sort of OK but best applied in cooler months
  8. Moss Killer products with Iron Sulphate can help
  9. The key to solving the moss problem is to focus on the root cause of the problem, that is, addressing the points (1)-(5) above

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