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Lawn Problems and Solutions for Home Owners and Landscapers

There are many issues with Lawn and Turf grasses that will present themselves as major concerns to the home owner, builders, landscapers and garden maintenance contractors.

Broadly these issues (lawn problems) will include lawn insect damage, drought stress damage, damage caused by fungal disease and damage (unwittingly) caused by the person caring for the lawn.

Lawn insect damage (and the corresponding solutions) will include the following:

  1. Damage by different caterpillar insects including army worm (also known as army grub) and sod web worm. These insects are lawn foraging caterpillars that chew at the leaf. Any insecticide that targets the broad spectrum of lawn insects will be effective in the control of these insects.
  2. Damage by the scarab larvae such as curl grub (this is the juvenile or larvae form of black beetle). Curl grub are best targeted with a residual herbicide that remains for a short while in the top layer of soil. As the larvae travels through the soil it consumes the insecticide and dies. As this herbicide is present for a period, it also eliminates the black beetle, thereby shutting down the beetle’s life-cycle, and eliminating the pest population.
  3. Damage by weevil type insects such as Bill-Bug, and other insects such as Couch Mite

Fungal damage to lawns may occur in all seasons. The main ones to watch out for are:

  1. Damage by fungi present in couch turf grasses. These fungal diseases include spring dead spot and other root borne fungal diseases.
  2. Damage by fungi can also occur in kikuyu turf grass and buffalo turf grass (also known as St Augustine). There are retail products that can be used to combat these diseases.

Damage to lawns due to bad lawn care may include:

  1. Damage caused by insufficient watering, poor lawn mowing practices, and lack of fertilisation and weed control. Bad lawn care can be rectified with the appropriate knowledge and professional help.

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