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Lawn mowing tips and watering advice for a great looking lawn:

lawn-sprinklers-424 Most home owners and lawn mowing contractors get a few of the basics wrong when it comes to looking after their lawns.

Watering is one activity that is critical for the success of lawn and turf grassed areas.

It is really important to understand the mechanics of different turf grasses to help you know how to water and mow lawns correctly.

People can kill their lawns with kindness by watering too often.

Watering requirements of different turf grasses vary. Cool season grasses require frequent, shallow and short waterings. It is not so important to water in the cooler months as the soil does not dry out so quickly. However, it is important in the warmer weather to maintain watering for the cool season grasses. As these grasses have shallow root systems it is important to maintain moisture to the top 25-50mm of soil.

On the other hand, infrequent (that is, not often) but heavy (that is, 30 minutes or more) watering is required for the warm season grasses (like Kikuyu, Couch/Bermuda grass, Buffalo/St Augustine. These grasses do not need much watering in the cooler seasons, however, if it does not rain in the warmer months then weekly heavy waterings are required. Warm season grasses have root systems that can grow deeply in search of water. So it makes sense to water these lawns heavily and infrequently. Deep root systems for these grasses develops good drought tolerance. Also, there is less chance of weeds germinating as well.

Generally, Cool season grasses need to be mowed higher than Warm season grasses. Another good tip is too always use a catcher to pick up lawn clippings and debris.

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