Lawn Mowing Tips – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Lawn mowing tips to help you on the way to a greener weed free lawn:

There are a heap of useful tips to keep in mind when you are looking after your lawn.

If you are starting out as a lawn care novice then you will want to keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Lawn mowing is a very basic but important requirement for a great looking lawn. Turf mowing should be a regular activity for homeowners and contractors. Frequent mowing encourages lateral growth of turf runners (in the case of warm season grasses). Turf grasses that are mowed regularly develop into thick and dense lawns making it harder for weeds to germinate and grow.
  2. In the case of Cool Season grasses like Rye grass and fescue and so on, you can increase the lawn’s density by over sowing rye grass or fescue seed.
  3. The height at which a lawn is mowed is critical for a lawn’s success. The mowing height of the lawn will vary depending on the season and also depending on the type of grass it is. All cool season grasses like to mowed higher at around 50mm (2 inches) or more.
  4. Warm Season Grasses generally can be mowed at 25mm (1 inch) in summer and in winter it is best to let the grass grow longer so there is more surface area for the grass to photosynthesise in the shorter daylight hours. By mowing the grass higher in Winter you can help maintain the green colour for longer.

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