Lawn Maintenance Sydney (in Australia or America) – Lawn Green Lawn Care Tips

Lawn maintenance and lawn mowing are skills that require knowledge of how high to cut different turf grasses. The following Lawn Care tips are useful whether you live in Sydney, NSW, Australia or Sydney, Kentucky, USA.

The different types of turf grasses are broadly categorized as cool season turf grasses and warm season turf grasses.

Cool season turf grasses include rye grass, fescue (different varieties) and others such as Kentucky Blue grass. All these grasses are stem plants that grow from seed. Their need such as requiring lots of water through the warmer months has an impact on how they are cared for. All the cool season grasses, therefore, need to be mowed high (around 50mm or 2 inches) to prevent the soil below from drying out. Also, by mowing these grasses at this height and frequently, you can help contain any spread of weeds.

Warm season turf grasses are broadly categorized according to the way they are built.

Warm season grasses that only have Stolons (or above ground runners) like buffalo turf (Stenotaphrum secundatum, also known as St Augustine in North America) and Queensland Blue Couch (Digitaria didactyla) need to be treated with some respect. You cannot cut these grasses to a low height (as in scalping) otherwise you risk killing the lawn. The reason for this is that these grasses do not have Rhizomes (under ground runners) and therefore cannot recover from scalping.

Warm season grasses that are built with both stolons (above ground runners) and rhizomes (below ground runners) like couch grass (Cynodon dactylon), kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum), zoysia grass (Zoysia japonica), Seashore Paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum) and Durban grass (Dactyloctenium australe) are typically mowed shorter because of their ability to recover and thicken quickly with the exception of Durban grass which should be mowed to around 50-75 mm high. Alternately they can be mowed at a higher height.

Typically couch and kikuyu grasses are used in sports field situations for the reasons of the way they are built.

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