Lawn Grubs – the best way to control these Lawn Pests – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Army of GrubsLawn Grubs can be mistaken as different pests to different people.

Armyworms (and all the other lawn and leaf eating caterpillars such as sod web worm and lawn army worm) are sometimes referred to as Lawn Grubs, and at other times Curl Grub (the larvae or juvenile form of Black Beetle) are referred to as Lawn Grubs.

Whatever the Lawn Insect Pest is, the best way to control them is with the arsenal of available Lawn Insecticides.

Note: Professional Lawn Care operators and green keepers in Australia must be licenced / registered (with the APVMA – Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) to be able to purchase Professional Lawn Care pesticides including herbicides and insectides. This licence includes the ChemCert licence which must be updated every 5 years.

For the Do-It-Yourself Homeowner – Lawn Care herbicides and insectides are available at retail outlets, however, the success compared with what is available to Professional operators is somewhat limited.

When controlling Lawn Insect pests including Lawn Grubs, the retail insecticide products (in liquid form) are inferior as they are photo-degradable (meaning the liquid insecticide breaks down in sunlight). The way around this is to apply the product in the twilight of the day.

For lawn eating caterpillars such as lawn armyworm, the best Professional insecticide to apply is a granular insecticide (the active constituent is Bifenthrin and the insecticide carrier is sand). The granular insecticide needs to be activated by watering and being granular there is no risk of photo-degradation. This particular product is bullet proof in its control of army worm and sod web worm.

For lawn pests such as Curl Grub, the best Professional insecticide is Merit (the active constituent is Imidacloprid) and when watered in the insecticide is soil borne for up to 3 months. When timed and applied correctly, the Curl Grub and Black Beetle population and Life cycle are completely eradicated.

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