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Lawn Green’s Waterless Weed and Feed Lawn CareTM

Lawn Green is proud of its Waterless Weed and Feed Lawn Care™ system especially as it contributes to the protection and enrichment of the environment.

Lawn Green has been recognised by the Greater Western Sydney business community with two (2) awards for both the Dry Lawn Care method and the Waterless Weed and Feed Lawn Care system.

Lawn Green directors, Joanne & Gerry Faehrmann, with the Lord Mayor of Parramatta, David Borger

Lawn Green offers 2 fantastic benefits that contribute to the consideration, protection and enrichment of the environment:

1. Lawn Green utilises the Dry Lawn Care method™ when servicing its clients’ lawns.

The aim of our Lawn Care system is to minimise the amount of herbicide spraying. It goes without saying that “less spraying is better”. So, by relying on granular products our Lawn Care system is safer around children, pets and plants.

Keen gardeners and lawn lovers are always interested to hear that the aim of our Lawn Care system is to actually minimise the amount of herbicide spraying that goes on.

2. Nil watering with our Lawn Care system, that’s right, a waterless weed and feed Lawn Care service. So roll that hose up, sit back and just enjoy your greener, weed free lawn!

Since the introduction of water restrictions and an increased awareness of water shortages, people have not been educated clearly about effective water use particularly with the care of their lawns.

Generally, lawns and turf grasses have different water needs than garden plants. Lawns need heavy but infrequent watering , whereby garden plants generally need more regular but lighter watering.

We tell our clients that lawns only need be watered in extreme dry conditions, say once a week in summer, and once a month in winter. Lawns require heavy but infrequent watering. By heavy watering the moisture travels deep into the soil profile, allowing the turf grass roots to establish to a depth of 200-300mm deep.

With deep root growth, the turf grass becomes drought tolerant. As the heavy but infrequent watering is already mimicked by the rainfall, we then tell our clients there is no need to water their lawns.

So the aim with our Lawn Care system is to spread the word that we can all do our bit in water conservation!