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Lawn Dead Spots and Dead Patches in the Lawn caused by Curl Grub – Lawn Green Lawn Care

grubsLawn Dead Spots and Dead Patches in the Lawn caused by Curl Grub are a real problem for lawn lovers.

The first question you need to ask yourself is “Does your lawn develop dead patches or areas of dead spots around the beginning or middle of summer?” – If so, and if you can easily pull dead grass from these dead patches in the lawn, then you are most likely to be looking at lawn damage caused by Curl Grub.

Curl grub, otherwise known as cockchafer, scarab beetle larvae, or white curl grub, is the juvenile or larval form of Black Beetle, Christmas Beetle (as referred to in Australia for obvious reasons) or any of the Scarab Beetles. Curl Grub is a serious threat to any plant including your lawn as it feeds voraciously on the roots of the turf grass.

In its first instar, or earliest stages of larvae development, the Scarab Beetle grub feeds on the turf roots just below the soil surface. This damage generally occurs in Spring, however, the actual damage does not become apparent until the hot dry days of Summer set in. In the case of Sydney, NSW, Australia, the hot dry days start around Christmas. With an extended period of hot dry weather the top layer of soil dries out completely! The grass roots – being sheared off just below the soil – are unable to absorb any water or moisture from the soil and consequently the lawn dies in the patches where the curl grubs have been active.

Curl Grub is best targeted with a Lawn Insecticide that will eradicate the whole lifecycle of the grub and beetle. By eradicating the entire lifecycle you completely eliminate any future pest populations. The timing of the application of insecticide is critical and must be applied at the same time as the first instar – in Australia, this is around mid-Spring to early Summer.

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