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Lawn Dead Patches – Lawn Green Lawn Care

grass-patchesLawn Dead Patches are the bane of Homeowners with lawns and Lawn Mowing Contractors.

Lawn Dead Patches become most apparent at different times of the year depending on what is the problem. These lawn problems are broadly categorized into lawns that develop dead patches caused by fungal disease or those caused by lawn insect pests.

In the case of fungal disease, there are many different lawn diseases depending on what type of lawn it is. Examples include spring dead spot in Couch grass (otherwise known as Bermuda grass in the North American continent) and dollar spot and so on. Fungal diseases generally become a problem in more moist soils and conditions.

Lawn insect pests that can cause dead patches in the lawn include curl grubs, couch mite and other insects like army worm.

The dead patches in the lawn that cause the most grief are those that appear in early summer (around Christmas time in Australia in our case) when the Spring-time damage to the root systems of turf grasses by Curl Grub becomes evident with the hot dry summer heat.

Couch mite is a lawn insect pest that causes serious damage to the leaf of Couch grasses (Bermuda grass) in summer. The damage is similar to that caused by curl grub.

Lawn Army Worm and Sod Web Worm create havoc to pristine lawns generally as we go into Autumn. So any lawn damage takes a long time to recover properly if at all.

All the problem lawn insects require different insecticides to properly control them. In the case of Curl Grub it is really important to eradicate the whole life cycle of the curl grub and its adult (the Black Beetle).

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