Lawn Aerators, and what is the best Lawn Aerator to use – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Aeration and Aerating a Lawn area allows air flow through the soil by removing soil plugs from the ground using an aerator or coring machine. Aeration helps reduce soil compaction and thatch. Aeration allows for more efficient movement of water and fertiliser to the grass roots.

A lawn can be aerated any time provided the soil has some moisture in it. That is, the lawn is best aerated when the ground is soft so that the coring machine doesn’t bounce around and not remove any soil cores.

Aeration is most effective when actual cores or plugs of soil are pulled from the ground. Holes created by a good lawn coring machine will usually be two to three inches deep and no more than two to four inches apart.

Lawn areas should be watered heavily the couple of days before aerating, so plugs can be pulled more deeply and easily.

Note: If you are working for customers get them to absolve you of any responsibility for any damage that may occur to their sprinkler heads and irrigation pipelines under the ground.

It is up to the homeowner whether to leave the cores on the lawn or not. If you leave the soil plugs / cores on the grass surface they will eventually work back into the grass after mowing without a catcher. You can remove the cores from the ground by mowing them into a catcher or raking them up. Lawns may be fertilized and seeded immediately after aeration. If you top dress after lawn aeration it is best to use a top dressing material with a very high sand content. This increases the soil’s porosity.

The best aerator for the homeowner to use is generally one of the walk behind Turf Coring machines.

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