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Why bother with Lawn Aeration anyway?

Lawn and turf aeration is a very useful way to bring your turf grass back to life. If your grassed areas are suffering as a result of traffic and constant use, then they will benefit from having all the soil de-compacted using lawn aeration equipment.

Lawn aeration is a broad based term that covers all forms of aerating lawns using different machinery and methods.

Turf aeration can include aeration performed by large tractor mounted aerovators – where the solid tynes smash and loosen the soil profile without interrupting the use of those lawn areas. Other aeration can be performed by lawn coring machines that actually remove cores / plugs of compacted soil from the lawn area.

The turf aeration equipment is similar in the results achieved, however, one piece of equipment has solid tynes versus the other piece of equipment’s hollow tynes.

A machine that physically removes plugs or cores of soil from the soil profile achieves a superior result in that the soil compaction is reduced immediately. However, these cores of soil do need to be removed from the turf surface to allow for the safe resumption of sport activity.

Lawn aeration is an important part of any turf renovation process. Situations where aeration provides immediate benefits are where:

  1. the soil is wet and does not drain well
  2. there is moss present in the lawn
  3. the soil profile is shallow and very clay-ey
  4. the sport and playing surface gets all year round use
  5. there is a lot of thatch build-up

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