Lawn Spraying Service With Destiny Herbicide

As Autumn wears on so too does the onset of winter weeds such as Onion Weed and Onion Grass. As any Lawn Lover will tell you they absolutely hate these weeds in their lawn.











Top 5 Tips using [Destiny] Herbicide:

  1. Destiny Herbicide (made by Bayer) is sold (in units of 250 gram boxes comprising 5 * 50 gram sachets) for around $700 per box
  2. Only need to use 1 gram per 100 square metres of lawn area
  3. Destiny is great for the control of a broad spectrum of weeds including onion weed, onion grass, bindii, oxalis, clover and a few other broadleaf weeds – so for a lawn infested with onion weed we will spray Destiny first up then follow up 3 weeks later to get rid of wintergrass etc.
  4. Destiny can be purchased by Homeowner but the cost usually prohibits this
  5. Safe to use on all lawns except Queensland Blue Couch and Rye Grass

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