Lawn Insect Control

army-wormsThe different Insect Pests to watch out for in Your Lawn are:

  • Army Worm
  • Black Beetle
  • White Curl Grub
  • Bill Bug
  • Sod Web Worm

All these insects can damage your lawn at different times of the Lawn’s Growing Season.

Key to the control of these pests is an understanding of their Life Cycles.

Although the damage caused by Curl Grub occurs in Spring, evidence of this damage does not become apparent until mid Summer with the onset of hot and dry weather.

Curl Grub, therefore, is best targeted in Spring for effective control.

Army Worm and Sod Web Worm are leaf eating caterpillars. Evidence of damage caused by these caterpillars means they are present at time of damage. We can control these pests immediately with our arsenal of Lawn Insecticides.

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