Lawn Care Service

Lawn Green’s [Lawn Care Service] is an excellent way to turn your tired old grass into Lush Green Lawn.











Just so you know! We don’t do any mowing or gardening.

We show lawns real love with our LawnGreen Lawn Care Programme.

LawnGreen is a member of The Australian Institute Of Lawn Care Professionals providing All Year Round Lawn Care Services including:

  • Weed and Feed Lawn Care
  • Insect Control targeting Army Worm, Black Beetle and Curl Grub in lawns
  • Insect Control targeting Psyllids in Lilly Pilly hedges and Aphids on Roses etc
  • Paved Area Weed Control without using Roundup ever
  • Fungal Disease Control
  • Real Time Advice to clients whenever Lawn Issues arise – that is, we can advise clients via phones and photos