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Kikuyu and Couch (also known as Bermuda grass in the North American continent) turf grasses are commonly used in playing fields and sports field situations. Homeowners are unaware of the reasons behind this and we will give a simple and detailed explanation.

We need to understand there are two (2) broad categories of turf grasses. These are Cool Season turf grasses and Warm Season turf grasses.

Cool Season grasses include rye grass, fescue, Kentucky Blue grass and so on.

Warm Season grasses include Buffalo (also known as St. Augustine grass in the North American continent), Queensland Blue Couch, Kikuyu, Couch / Bermuda grass and Zoysia.

Of the warm season grasses, Buffalo (St. Augustine) grass and Queensland Blue Couch have Stolons (above ground runners) only. Whereas Kikuyu, Couch / Bermuda grass and Zoysia are built with Stolons (above-ground runners) and Rhizomes (below ground runners).

The reason why sports fields are turfed with couch and kikuyu is to do with the speed and nature of lawn recovery after constant use and damage.

If a 5 square metre patch in the middle of a large Buffalo lawn is dead or damaged the recovery is slow as the lawn can only repair itself from the outside and inwards – that is, the above ground runners have to travel across the top of the soil to cover the damaged area.

In a similar situation with a Kikuyu or Couch lawn, the speed of recovery is quicker as the repair occurs with the above ground runners (Stolons) travelling across the top of the soil and aided by the below ground runners (Rhizomes) popping up through the soil in the middle of the damaged area.

Spring Lawn Care Tip: You may have noticed some homeowners shaving back their kikuyu or couch lawn to almost bare soil followed by heavy fertilization and watering. This is the poor man’s way of de-thatching the lawn. After a couple of weeks of warm weather (with watering), the lawn bounces back to a healthy Lush Green Turf.

Another tip: In Australia, the big sport stadiums like ANZ Stadium (Sydney Olympic Stadium) and The SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground) are turfed with Couch / Bermuda grass and are over-sown with rye grass for added protection and colour.

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