How To Aerate Your Lawn, and what is the best Lawn Aeration Equipment? – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Why Should We Worry about Lawn Coring and Lawn Aeration?

Soils with a high percentage of clay become very hard and compacted. Also, sports and playing fields become compacted and worn out with intense regular use (high traffic). This makes it difficult for water, fertilizer, air and grass roots to penetrate into the soil. Also, Compaction can contribute to buildup of thatch.

Lawn aeration (also known as core cultivation, lawn coring or plugging) is a process in which a machine pulls small plugs of soil about the size your finger from the lawn. These may be left on the surface where they will break down in about two weeks. Golf course greens keepers use this process several times a year to keep their courses in top playing condition. Lawns grown in clay soils should have this done at least once a year.

In the case of homeowner situations, the contractor should rake all the cores or plugs of soil from the turf surface for aesthetic (appearance) reasons. Otherwise , the cores can be left top breakdown with subsequent mowings.

The best equipment for the homeowner can include the following:

  1. A walk behind lawn coring machine – this can be hired – some people hire the machine out for the day and do a few neighbours’ lawn and split the cost – this is a good option
  2. Employ a contractor with tractor mounted aerator if you have a large area of grass to aerate
  3. Sandals with spikes – good only for small areas, however, in this case you are not removing cores from soil so really are not relieving compaction

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