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How To Get Rid Of Lawn Grub Worms And Lawn Grub Control

How To Get Rid Of Lawn Grub Worms And Lawn Grub Control

Another “How To” video for Homeowners and Contractors – How To Get Rid Of [Lawn Grub Worms] and [Lawn Grub Control] – uploaded to Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/YourLawnAndGarden on 19/2/2016.

For your Fact Sheet go to FACT-SHEET-HowToGetRidOfLawnGrubWorms .

Video Story Board for How To Get Rid Of Lawn Grub Worms and Lawn Grub Control  as follows:

1) Gidday it’s the lawn expert here
2) First we need to identify what the lawn problem is
3) Lets have a look at this lawn, now we can see it is suffering from something, what is it?
4) If it was heat or drought stress then we can safely say the whole lawn would be browning off evenly assuming the underlying soil profile is consistent over the whole Lawn
5) However, in this case, we have irregular and random dead patches throughout the lawn and suddenly the lawn has taken on this appearance over the last 2 weeks
6) We can safely say the lawn has an insect problem and in this case where we can pull dead grass out with 2 fingers then it looks like we have a curl grub problem.
7) Curl grub is the larvae of black (scarab) beetle. In spring the black beetle flies in and lays its eggs which hatch into the larvae or curl grub.
8) The food source for the curl grub is the grass roots
9) When the rain stops and hot dry summer weather kicks in the top layer of soil dries out, and the grass where the roots have been damaged says it doesn’t have a water supply so it dies in those patches
10) From here it is safe to say the lawn will need to be treated for Black Beetle and Curl Grub every spring, and in our case we use 2 different insecticides, bifentrhin and imidocloprid, to attack the above ground insects (the beetles) and the below ground insects (the curl grub). This insect control needs to be watered in the same day asap.
11) The Lawn needs to be heavily fertilised to help the lawn recover.
12) In the case of homeowners, you need to go to your hardware store to get the appropriate insecticide and get to it.
13) My only concern with these hardware / retail products (for curl grub) is they have an active constituent of Imidacloprid ranging from 2.5g/L to 15 g/L of Imidacloprid
14) Whereas the professional product we use has an active constituent of 200g/L Imidacloprid, this is around 15 times stronger that the homeowner products.
15) From what I have seen over the years the homeowner has little success in eradicating the curl grub population. However, I can guarantee we will give you bangs for your bucks