Getting Rid Of Oxalis – Lawn Green Lawn Care

cloverGetting Rid Of Oxalis and Clover in lawns and gardens can be a tricky job for most homeowners and lawn lovers.

Getting Rid of Oxalis and all the other weeds in lawns can be achieved in one (1) of three (3) ways:

  1. using the Physical method of weed control
  2. using the Chemical method of weed control
  3. using the Cultural methods of weed control

The fastest and most efficient way of getting rid of oxalis or clover in lawns is by spraying the target weed with a Selective Herbicide (ie. the Chemical method of weed control).

Selective Herbicides for Lawns are available to homeowners and professional Lawn Care operators.

The range of lawn herbicides available to home owners is somewhat limiting (compared with what is available to professional Lawn Care operators) and include only those products available in hardware stores like Bunnings (a retail hardware chain of stores in Australia). The herbicide products required for oxalis weed control include both Kleen Lawn and Bin-Die (both are Amgrow products). Care needs to be taken when spraying for oxalis and other weeds in Buffalo grass (otherwise known as St Augustine turf grass) as Dicamba (one of the active constituents in Kleen Lawn) can seriously damage the Buffalo turf. So you need to use Bin-Die for Buffalo grass. The best bit of advice here is to make sure you always follow the herbicide’s label instructions.

The product range of lawn herbicides available to professional contractors and operators is more comprehensive. The reason why these products are not available to home owners is they are not registered for home owner use. Professional Lawn Care operators (in Australia) must be licenced with the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority). More efficient herbicides to control oxalis in lawns include Bayer’s Spearhead.

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