Lawn Green’s Dry Lawn Care Method

lawncareLawn Green’s Lawn Care service is characterized by its reliance on granular fertilizer (fertiliser with pre-emergent herbicide coating) and granular insecticide (granules with insecticide coating) products. Indeed, Lawn Green is focused on delivering its clients greener, weed free lawns with minimal herbicide and pesticide spraying.

This new innovative service, known as the Dry Lawn Care methodTM, has been in operation since 2004.

Lawn Green proudly utilises the Dry Lawn Care method™ when servicing its clients’ lawns. The aim of our Lawn Care system is to minimise the amount of herbicide spraying. It goes without saying that “less spraying is better”. So, by relying on granular products our Lawn Care system is safer around children, pets and plants.

For example, in regard to plants, Lawn Green can guarantee its new clients (and existing ones, as well) zero plant damage as we minimize weed spraying. New clients have come on board with Lawn Green after experiencing negative results with other Lawn Care companies that apply fertilizers and herbicides in liquid form.

When we are doing a Lawn Care quote for a potential client we explain to them that the aim of our Lawn Care system is to “minimize the amount of spraying that goes on”, and, “that it goes without saying that less spraying is better”.

Without quantifying it, we can say that over 70% of prospects are excited by getting greener weed free lawns with minimal spraying.

In fact, one of our target markets is Landscapers. We quite often get comments from them they prefer us to do their Lawn Care as they do not want to get involved with herbicides. Landscapers also recognise that the area of Lawn Care is a specialised one – so it makes sense for them to employ Lawn Green.