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Dead Patches In Your Lawn – Lawn Green Lawn Care

You would normally enjoy a lawn that is Lush and Green all year round.

Unfortunately, nature can have other things in mind like dead patches in the lawn rather than a Lush Green Lawn.

Dead Patches in the Lawn could be a result of any of the following:

  1. dead patches in your turfgrass could be a result of curl grub. Lawn Damage by Curl Grub is a result of the feeding and foraging activity of curl grub (in the early stages of their life-cycle) in the mid to late Spring. The curl grub in its early larvae stage is closest to the top layers of the soil. The curl grub feeds on the plant’s root system thereby damaging the roots. This damage manifests itself in the hotter parts of mid to late Summer when that top band of soil dries out and so there is no moisture for the turf grass roots to drink from.
  2. patches of dead grass throughout the lawn could also be a result of your prized poodle (your dog) doing its business on the lawn. Dog urine is particularly toxic to the turf grass when the drinking water contains nitrates. It is the nitrates in the drinkiing water that causes leaf burn to the grass. The best way to eliminate the nitrates from the drinking water is to install Dog Rocks. The Dog Rocks have the ability to extract the nitrates from the dog’s drinking water.
  3. other dead patches may be a result of other lawn insect pests such as curl grub, bill-bug and couch mite
  4. dead patches may occur in the cooler months of the year especially in areas of heavy traffic by humans, post-men, pets and so on.

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