Lawn Insect Control

Lawn Problems and Solutions for Home Owners and Landscapers

There are many issues with Lawn and Turf grasses that will present themselves as major concerns to the home owner, builders, landscapers and garden maintenance contractors. Broadly these issues (lawn problems) will include lawn insect damage, drought stress damage, damage caused by fungal disease and damage (unwittingly) caused by the person caring for the lawn. Lawn insect damage (and ... [Continue Reading]

Dead Patches In Your Lawn – Lawn Green Lawn Care

You would normally enjoy a lawn that is Lush and Green all year round. Unfortunately, nature can have other things in mind like dead patches in the lawn rather than a Lush Green Lawn. Dead Patches in the Lawn could be a result of any of the following: dead patches in your turfgrass could be a result of curl grub. Lawn Damage by Curl Grub is a result of the feeding and ... [Continue Reading]

Lawn Doctor Sydney – Lawn Care by Lawn Green

If you are struggling to get the best out of Your Lawn, then You have come to the right place! If You want more information about Caring for Your Lawn, please register for our Free Report on "The 5 Secrets To A Great Looking Lawn" - or call the Lawn Expert on 1300 55 74 72 now for a FREE QUOTE to be on Your way to a Lush, Beautiful and Greener Weed free lawn. ... [Continue Reading]

Common Lawn Problems (and Solutions) Faced By Homeowners

In the course of our business of Weed and Feed Lawn Care, we get to see many lawn and turf situations. Not surprisingly, we also get to see many frustrated home owners who just cannot get it right with there lawn. This frustration stems from some of the following lawn situations: dying or dead lawn areas under or adjacent to pine trees, conifers and river she ... [Continue Reading]

Can you save my lawn?

We have had people desperately asking us, "Can you save my lawn?". Did you know that for a fraction of the cost of replacing turf, you can nurture your old lawn back to SCG or Wembley Stadium standards? That's right, and it can be achieved in the matter of weeks depending on the time of year. Great lawn care contractors will be able to eliminate and control weeds in various turf situations such ... [Continue Reading]

Army Worms and Lawn Grubs

Can you hear the drum beats of the army worms? They are on their way to a lawn near you, or maybe even to your lawn. So what do you do when they arrive? The first sign of army worms is the devastating damage they do to your lawn. In effect they eat the leaf of your lawn to the stem. Overall, it would appear your lawn has been badly scalped by a lawn mower. The trick in reviving your lawn is to ... [Continue Reading]

Lawn Green Lawn Care and Turf Insect Damage

Summer time is a time for lush, green lawns! At least that what you think until your lawn turns to straw patches and takes on a blotchy appearance. Many would be forgiven for thinking that lawns are looking dead in patches as a result of heat stress. This is, however, not the case! Lawn turf is generally resilient and drought hardy! So why the dead patches? The answer is lawn insect ... [Continue Reading]

Lawn Green’s Waterless Weed and Feed Lawn CareTM

Lawn Green is proud of its Waterless Weed and Feed Lawn Care™ system especially as it contributes to the protection and enrichment of the environment. Lawn Green has been recognised by the Greater Western Sydney business community with two (2) awards for both the Dry Lawn Care method™ and the Waterless Weed and Feed Lawn Care system™. Lawn Green offers 2 fantastic benefits that contribute to ... [Continue Reading]

Lawn Green Lawn Care and Granular Insect Control Treatment

Lawn Green's approach to insect control is consistent with its Dry Lawn Care methodTM, where (as much as possible) all products applied to your lawn are in granular (solid) form. Lawn Green's insect control treatments are applied using a granular insect control product. Lawn Green's insect control is bullet proof! The advantages (and benefits) of Lawn Green's granular insect control ... [Continue Reading]