Bermuda Lawn Care Tips – Lawn Green Lawn Care

PoochCouchBermuda Lawn is a turf grass common to both North American and Australian homes, gardens and sporting fields.

In general terms, there are two (2) broad categories of turf grasses which are Cool Season grasses and Warm Season Grasses.

Cool season grasses are those that grow as a single stem plant. Examples of cool season grasses are rye grass and fescue grass.

Bermuda grass (otherwise known as Couch grass in Australia) is a warm season turf grass.

Warm season turf grasses are those grasses that grow and propogate by a series of runners. These runners include above ground runners (stolons) and / or below ground runners (rhizomes). Some warm season grasses (like Bermuda grass, Kikuyu, Zoysia, Durban and Seashore Paspalum) have both stolons and rhizomes. Other warm season grasses (such as St Augustine/Buffalo and Queensland Blue Couch) are characterized by having stolons only.

Bermuda grass is universally known by its Scientific (or Latin) name as Cynodon dactylon.

Bermuda grass (like Kikuyu) is a hard wearing turf grass that is commonly used in recreational and sports field situations. Its hard wearing capabilities are supported by the fact that bermuda turf is built with both above ground runners (called Stolons) and below ground runners (called Rhizomes).

In terms of weed management, good Lawn Care contractors are able to control all weeds that emerge in Bermuda Lawns. Recent improvements in selective herbicide products means it is now possible to selectively remove all weeds in Bermuda grass.

Bermuda turf comes third after Durban and St Augustine grasses but ahead of Kikuyu grass in its ability to tolerate shade.

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