Army Worms and Lawn Grubs

army-wormsCan you hear the drum beats of the army worms?

They are on their way to a lawn near you, or maybe even to your lawn.

So what do you do when they arrive?

The first sign of army worms is the devastating damage they do to your lawn. In effect they eat the leaf of your lawn to the stem. Overall, it would appear your lawn has been badly scalped by a lawn mower.

The trick in reviving your lawn is to act quickly.

Two (2) critical steps need to be implemented, that is, to arrest the offending army worms with a safe and effective insect control and then to fertilise the damaged areas. All the above needs to be done ASAP as the army worms wreak their havoc in the early Autumn period as the days become a little cooler. By acting quickly with the fertiliser, we hope to have some remaining warm weather to allow the turf to recover to its prior glory.

So, for a lush, beautiful and greener weed free lawn,
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