Army Worms In Your Lawn – The Perfect Storm This Summer

Just a reminder that the thing in the picture below is Army Worm and my prediction is we are going to be swamped with them in Summer 2020-2021.

Here in Sydney (Australia) we have the Perfect Storm brewing with La Nina, great summer weather with lots of rain. These are all the ingredients for a Perfect Lawn and Army Worms will have a feast.

So get ready for the onslaught!

Things you will need:

  1. Bifenthrin – this can be applied in granular or liquid form
  2. A good well balanced slow release granular Fertiliser with NPK around 22:0:5

Bifenthrin, if applying at heaviest rate, you can extend the control period, however, check the Label for rates and instructions. Any other products are duds because they don’t have the longevity of control.