10 Biggest Lawn Care Mistakes Made By Contractors And Homeowners Part 2

Instructional Video for Homeowners and Contractors – 10 Biggest Lawn Care Mistakes Made By Contractors And Homeowners Part 2 – uploaded to Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/YourLawnAndGarden on 12/2/2016

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Video Story Board for 10 Biggest Lawn Care Mistakes Made By Contractors And Homeowners Part 2 as follows:

…continuing on from last week’s video, we have the next 5 Lawn Care mistakes…
Lawn Mistake No. 6: Did I say no catcher? If I didn’t then never NOT use a catcher!

Lawn Mistake No. 7: Over watering and killing the lawn with kindness, you would be surprised the number of calls I get from people that have killed their lawn with kindness by over watering. Warm season grasses need heavy but infrequent, basically the Sydney rainfall covers this

Lawn Mistake No. 8: Weed n feed – don’t use those damn weed n feed products, they are a waste of money as they try to do 2 jobs at once that really should be done at different times

Lawn Mistake No. 9: Killing grass with herbicides – because they haven’t calibrated their sprayers properly and consequently put too much poison out. The herbicide labels tell you how much herbicide needs to be applied to every 100 square metres, so you need to calibrate your water output accordingly

Lawn Mistake No. 10: Mowing the grass too short – this mistake is a favourite with the kids, I mean why bother mowing the lawn every week in summer when you can shave it right back and only have to mow every 3 weeks, this is a big NO NO. Why? This will weaken the grass and allow weeds to flourish, I mean do this and you can call LawnGreen in to fix the weeds

A couple of extra mistakes are:
11) Planting the wrong grass in your Lawn, generally people plant kikuyu to start with on a new home construction, however, over a couple of years shade becomes an issue as kikuyu hates shade. The best grass with shade is any of the Australian buffalo grasses like Sir Walter Buffalo. Whatever you do, stay away from the ST varieties like ST26, ST85 and ST91 Buffalo (aka St Augustine) – these are crap, can’t handle being sprayed by herbicides registered for Buffalo grass

12) Topdressing the lawn in winter is a no no, also only need to top dress lumps and bumps in the lawn, not all the lawn!!

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