Why Choose LawnGreen?

11 Reasons Why You Will Enjoy Your LawnGreen Experience:

  • lawnLawnGreen is the recognised Expert in the field of weed and feed Lawn Care – refer to our testimonials at the Home page
  • LawnGreen enjoys healthy relationships with Turf Grass Industry Leaders, Stakeholders and Suppliers
  • LawnGreen maintains regular telephone contact with the owners of Sir Walter Buffalo, Kings Pride Buffalo, other Turf Growers and Turf Specialists
  • LawnGreen replies to all telephone calls and email enquiries within 24 hours (on-time)
  • LawnGreen books in personal on-site quotations (on-time) within 7 days of enquiries
  • LawnGreen will commence work (on-time) within 7 days of the customer approving the quotation / proposal
  • LawnGreen will tell you objectively what can be done for your lawn
  • LawnGreen works with all Warm Season Turf Grasses such as Couch (Bermuda) Grass, Kikuyu, Buffalo (St Augustine) Grass, Zoysia, Seashore Paspalum, Durban and more
  • LawnGreen works with all Cool Season Turf Grasses such as Rye Grass and Fescue Grass
  • LawnGreen utilizes the latest in Best Practice Turf Management Products including fertilizers, herbicides, insect control products and disease control products for Best Results
  • LawnGreen is accredited with ChemCert to apply Professional Turf Management Products