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Onion Weed Killer With Destiny Herbicide

Onion Weed Killer – here is a great article on how to 100% control onion weed in lawns using an excellent post emergent herbicide called Destiny.

If you are serious about controlling Onion Weed then the only way to eradicate it (selectively and effectively) from your lawn is with Destiny Herbicide (a great but very expensive product from Bayer). Other weeds controlled by Destiny include Onion Grass (also known as Guildford Grass), Bindii, Oxalis and a few other broadleaf winter weeds.

Onion Weed Killer using Destiny Herbicide for the control of Onion Weed and Onion Grass In Warm Season Grasses





Onion Weed emerges in Autumn and thrives through to end of Spring. It is a weed that can only be removed effectively from lawns with a selective herbicide called Destiny. By summer the Onion Weed plant shrivels away with the summer’s hot dry weather and the plant’s bulb root system remains dormant until Autumn when it re-emerges with a vengeance.

Destiny is sold in a 250 gram packaging and retails for around $700 AU, pretty expensive for the average lawn lover / home owner. However, best to contact a professional lawn care operator (like us).

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