Lawn Green Franchise and Business Opportunities

Lawn Green Franchise and Business Opportunities

Lawn Green is currently looking for franchisees in Sydney, NSW, Australia(where a green-keeping or horticultural background is helpful). Specifically, we are keen to find people to take up franchise territories in the North Shore and Hills districts of Sydney.

Lawn Green’s many thousands of service visits have produced a lawn care system which, together with the correct operational procedures, result in a lush green lawn our clients are proud of.

Lawn Green has been providing lawn care since 1994 and has served many residential and commercial customers.

Lawn Green is a niche franchise opportunity that allows enterprising individuals to enter the profitable and growing lawn care market. The potential franchisee will benefit from the respected professional standing of the franchisor, Lawn Green Pty Ltd. The franchisee’s business operates with low overheads and attractive margins and is an enjoyable and potentially rewarding business.

Lawn Green offers a franchise system where:

  • You can work from home, with low overheads, and work Monday to Friday daytime hours
  • Your franchise will be in the service sector with excellent growth prospects
  • You will enjoy minimal cash flow problems and high profit margins
  • The sales process is reactive and minimal to nil hard selling is involved
  • You will enjoy a high rate of repeat customers with your own territory

As a Lawn Green franchisee, you will offer the full range of services aimed at turning tired old grass into lush green lawns!

As a fully trained lawn expert, you will be in a position to diagnose and remedy a host of lawn ailments and deal with granular fertiliser application, mechanical operations such as aeration and scarification, moss control and eradication, weed control, pest and insect control, turfing, seeding, renovation and top dressing, plus offer fee based consultancy and advice.


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Alternatively Call Gerry Directly on 1300 55 74 72

As your business becomes established you may take on supporting staff together with extra vehicles and equipment. We will help you manage your business growth. The Lawn Green team is committed to helping you build a successful and valuable business. It should be seen as an on-going business relationship with long-term rewards.

As a franchisee of Lawn Green you will:

  • Determine the lawn’s overall health.
  • List the different grasses and soil types in your lawn and their condition.
  • Identify weeds, insects and/or diseases that appear to be affecting the lawn and recommend ways to control them.
  • Advise clients of proper mowing and watering techniques.
  • Evaluate the potential of the lawn and recommend how Lawn Green will help the lawn be greener and weed free

The Investment:
The Franchise License which includes a comprehensive training programme involving pre-study, on-site training with accreditation and business launch assistance including a planned marketing campaign. A protected territory will be yours to grow a substantial business.

The Full Equipment Package which includes software, all equipment and materials needed to operate the Lawn Care service from tools and products to uniforms, sign writing your vehicle as well as stationery, business cards and a full marketing pack.

The Product:
Lawn Green will treat the lawn with the very best fertilisers available anywhere. The materials we use are only available to professional green keepers and turf maintenance specialists and cannot be bought in shops, garden centres or DIY stores.

The granular fertiliser that is used is specifically designed to release its nutrients in a time controlled way over a 2-3 month period according to the soil temperature and moisture levels. You will learn to use the correct balance of nutrients and trace elements for the time of year that the treatment occurs.

Lawn Green uses similar professional products utilised at prestigious venues like the SCG and Telstra Stadium in Sydney, Australia.