Get Rid Of Kikuyu In Couch Grass [Bermuda Grass]


There is a lot of Incorrect information published on the internet.

Check this one out in the screenshot.

Correction to mistake no. 1 – you can get rid of kikuyu in couch grass with Monument herbicide, you do need to repeat application of herbicide at least 2 to 3 times, 3 weeks apart, and best results are achieved in Autumn
Correction to mistake no. 2 – the ideal time to spray kikuyu in couch with Monument herbicide is in Autumn, this is also noted in the Label instructions
Correction to mistake no. 3 – glyphosate will also kill everything around the kikuyu, and doesn’t matter what season you spray glyphosate as it is a killer anyway

You cannot trust the internet as a reliable information source !!!