Franchise Opportunities


More than just a lawn mowing company, Lawn Green’s Lawn Care experts specialize in turning your tired old grass into lush green lawn – using their own Waterless Weed and Feed Lawn Care ProgramTM

Lawn Care Growth & Margins

Whilst gardening and lawn mowing services enjoy a high profile with the different mowing franchises, Lawn Green’s Lawn Care system offers higher gross profit margins – where these margins are protected by high barriers to entry, plus much lower entry costs than any other franchised lawn care system
Compared with other well-known Lawn Care businesses Lawn Green’s pricing per service is on par on an annual basis, however, LawnGreen delivers its service over 4 visits compared with its competitors 6 visits per year – so naturally LawnGreen’s profit margins are higher

Barriers To Entry

These include:

  • Knowledge barriers that prevents lawnmowing contractors and other people from entering the Lawn Care industry
  • Accreditation barriers including Chemcert certification
  • Specific niche barrier – where ordinarily it takes time for any potential competitor to build a Lawn Care business, whereas the lawnmowing & gardening industry is characterised by low entry levels because there is a great variety and volume of work out there
  • Pesticide & fertilizer product knowledge – where Lawn Green’s product knowledge is sometimes higher than its supplier’s
  • Turf knowledge – of all Australian turf grasses and exotic grasses
  • Sophisticated (and time tested) marketing strategies that cannot be copied or replicated easily – including First Mover advantage with Internet strategies
  • Expensive mistakes made (in the past) applying herbicides to different turf grasses – these mistakes are well documented in Lawn Green’s Operations Manual ensuring you are mistake free
  • Healthy and Long standing relations with Turf Industry experts

History & Industry Lifecycle Of Lawn Care

Lawn Care in Australia is in its infancy, whereas the equivalent North American industry is a mature one


Territories are available Sydney wide – mainly North Shore, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and The Shire to the south of Sydney.
Franchise territory model to include around 4-6 franchisees in Sydney

Limited Capital Investment

Both initial, ingoing & ongoing investment is low compared with other Lawn Care business systems – we can save you around $45,000 just on vehicles and equipment alone!

Training and Support Provided

Initial training is provided, however, the point of difference with Lawn Green’s Franchise Support is in the ongoing and on-the-ground franchisee mentoring support. Where a franchisee is struggling to get jobs done on time and satisfactorily, Lawn Green has a Franchisee Mentor available 5 days per week (by appointment, of course!)

Marketing Support

Lawn Green’s marketing and lead generation system is based on a successful mix of marketing initiatives. Lawn Green will provide ongoing leads for franchisees to quote on. Any support required for additional lead generation will be provided, and monthly training meetings will help you generate & nurture leads and close sales

Agreement Terms

3 by 3 years

Recurring Revenues & Strong Cash Flow

Your well run Lawn Care business will automatically renew your customer roster from year to year, leaving you to focus on growing your business, cash flow and profits

Your cash flow will be enhanced by favourable credit terms and fortnightly billing cycles (every 2 weeks). So, if a customer is invoiced within 2 weeks and you have 30 days after the end of month to pay suppliers, then you should have received customer payments well before the supplier’s invoices are due

Industry Competition

Lawn Green has developed the Waterless Weed And Feed Lawn CareTM system and The Dry Lawn Care MethodTM . These proprietary and award winning concepts have given Lawn Green advantages in marketing Lawn Care compared with other Lawn Care systems.

Lawn Green has developed these systems to better place your Lawn Care business in times of drought, water restrictions and enforced environmental regulations

Minimum Investment Required

Investment for Initial Franchise Fee

Investment for Initial Customer Roster (Variable Depending On Territory) – optional

Investment for White Motor Vehicle Utility – lease or buy

Investment for Ingoing Operating Costs including Lawn Care materials, Uniforms, Signage

Investment for Working Capital

Total Minimum Investment around $30,000 plus white motor vehicle utility (if not already available)

Business Established

Commitment to Lawn Care exclusively commenced 2004

Commitment to Franchising commenced 2008

Lawn Green Pty Ltd established October 1994

Hybranch Pty Ltd t/as “Lawn Green – The Bonanza Lawn & Garden Service” from 1987-1994

Qualifications Required

Only people with motivation, positive energy and can-do attitude need apply

Only Professional Turf Products Used

The turf products (including fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides) used by Lawn Green are registered for commercial use only, and are exclusively available to professional turf managers, greenkeepers and turf maintenance specialists

These products are not sold in retail shops, hardware stores, garden centres and DIY stores, and are not registered for homeowner use

Designed, manufactured and registered for professional use only, our turf products are also used in prestigious venues such as the Sydney Olympic Stadium, golf courses and sports fields

Additional Benefits Include

You can work from home and your weekends are free

You will experience positive growth

You do not have to do any selling, all you have do is provide quotes to qualified leads

You will enjoy around 70% repeat business in your own territory

You will enjoy the custom of both residential and corporate customers

You will be able to expand your business, and you can easily employ direct casual staff to help you service your growing customer roster

Lead Generation from

  • Internet presence includes: LawnGreen website, FB, Youtube, Linkedin, YLAG website – increasing content for Youtube and embedding videos onto LG & YLAG websites for double the content, and sharing on 2 FB pages, 1 Linkedin page, Pinterest, Google. Aim with Youtube is to raise profile of LG, increase leads & monetize after a few thousand subscribers
  • Referrals
  • Vehicle Signage
  • Emails to Landscapers & Industry contacts
  • Free Publicity – media releases on timely topics/problems – see LG media page, local papers, daily papers
  • JVs with industry leaders LSA, Turf Growers, Turf Breeders
  • Flyers (franchisees only) – to consolidate within territory
  • Adword campaign – as required

LawnGreen Services

Weed & Feed Lawn Care including Lawn Insect Control

Paved Area Weed Control

Insect Control – lawns & garden plants (including roses, lilly pilly hedges)

Others – lawn soil wetters, garden fertilisation