Buffalo Lawn Care Service At Longueville NSW

Here is a beautiful Longueville NSW [Buffalo Lawn] in its prime, and looking great going into Winter.











Some Autumn [Lawn Care Service] Tips for your Buffalo, Couch, Kikuyu, Zoysia lawns:

  1. Fertilise every 3 months with a good well balanced (slow release) granular fertiliser
  2. Mow lawn every 2 weeks in Autumn and Winter
  3. Mow lawn (with a catcher), 30mm high
  4. Never use a rake on lawn, raking tears the grass runners out and weakens the grass, if you need to pick up leaves and debris use the mower with catcher
  5. Never water the lawn in Autumn & Winter
  6. Never topdress in Autumn and Winter
  7. Use whipper snipper at 30mm high around brick work and walls
  8. Vertical edges along paths and driveways