Autumn Lawn Care Service Tips For A Green Lawn

First Day Of Autumn today here in Sydney, Australia – the best city ever!

I want to share with you some [Lawn Care Service] tips for the start of Autumn heading into Winter.

Keep in mind here in Sydney NSW we will continue to have nice warm and humid weather for next 6-8 weeks.

Things to do for a [Green Lawn] include:

1. Set the mower height a notch (or 2) higher going into winter, the higher the grass the bigger the grass leaf surface area making it easier for the grass to photosynthesise in the reduced sunlight hours of winter – keeping the grass greener for longer

2. Continue fertilising with a good well balanced granular fertiliser every 3 months – even in Winter as there is food in the ground ready to work when random warm days occur towards end of Winter

3. Mow every week until things slow down, continue to mow regularly in late Autumn and Winter to collect grass clippings and leaves and debris

4. ALWAYS mow with a catcher to collect the grass clippings and leaves