More than just a lawn mowing company…

Lawn Green’s Lawn Care Experts
Specialise In Turning Your Tired 
Old Grass Into Lush Green Lawns!

With our waterless weed & feed lawn care program, we turn your tired old grass into Lush Green Lawn, safe for you and your family to enjoy.

Did you know that over 180 different weeds, 30 lawn insect pests and 20 diseases can damage your lawn?

So, for a lush, beautiful and greener weed free lawn, call the Lawn Expert on 1300 55 74 72 now!


Here’s Our Guarantee To You:
Beautiful Lush Green Lawns
And Weed Free – Forever!


How it works
Our weed-free success is achieved by using a granular fertilizer product that is coated with a pre-emergent herbicide. The fertiliser naturally greens the lawn and the herbicide coating goes into the soil and stops weed seeds from germinating.

This service works well for all lawns including kikuyu, couch, durban, zoysia and even all buffalo lawns (including Sir Walter buffalo and Palmetto buffalo).

Feel Free To Drive By Any
Of These Homes In Sydney NSW,
And See How Lush And Green
Your Own Lawn Can Look!

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  Cherrybrook Dural Castle Hill Beecroft
  7 Elliott Place 12 Kenneth Place 23 Erlstoke Place 83 Murray Farm Rd
  1 Barkley Close 15 Romeo Place 3 Bassett Place 7 Lyndon Way

4 Worthing Place

5 Caber Close 56 Fernbrook Place 30 Cardinal Avenue
  North Turramurra Glenhaven Pymble Kellyville
  Leura Crescent 17 Greenbank Drive 38 Pymble Avenue 36 Kinaldy Crescent
  12 Bedford Avenue 20 Glenshee Place 7 Korangi Avenue 10 Chateau Close
  West Pennant Hills Cheltenham Wahroonga St Clair
  7 Bellamy Farm Road 23 Cheltenham Road 19 Forde Place 46 Harvey Circuit
  5 & 7 Blue Crane Close Coogee Lugarno Vaucluse
  45 & 47 Ellerslie Drive 206 Carrington Road 89 Lugarno Parade 62 Wentworth Avenue

Questions Frequently Asked
By Property Owners



How much will you need to invest in this program?


From around $10 per week, you can have a lush, greener and weed free lawn forever!




“But I live down the road from a park that is full of weeds, and I worry that we will get another really bad weed infestation!”


That’s a good point, however, the beauty of our 2 in 1 weed and feed fertiliser product is that, whilst we are nurturing your lawn, any weed seeds that blow in to your lawn will not germinate.


Q.“What about the water restrictions and the drought? How can we possibly have a nice lawn?”.

A. Well, with Lawn Green’s award winning Lawn Care system there is NO watering required – that’s right, a waterless weed and feed Lawn Care service.


Q. “How can you make a lawn green without watering it?”


A major benefit of our Lawn Care system is that our clients do not need to water their lawns. Since the introduction of water restrictions and an increased awareness of water shortages, people have not been educated clearly about effective water use particularly in the care of their lawns.

Generally, lawn and turf grasses have different water needs than garden plants. Lawns require heavy but infrequent watering, whereby garden plants generally need more regular but lighter watering.

We tell our prospects and clients that lawns only need be watered in extreme dry conditions, say once a week in summer, and once a month in winter. Lawns only require heavy but infrequent watering. By heavy watering the moisture travels deep into the soil profile, allowing the turf grass roots to establish to a depth of 200-300mm deep. So, with deep root growth, the turf grass becomes drought tolerant.

As the heavy but infrequent watering is already mimicked by the rainfall, we then tell our clients there is NO need to water their lawns!

So roll that hose up, sit back and just enjoy your greener, weed free lawn!


Q.“We have children and pets. Are your fertilizers safe around the home?”

A.This is a really good question. Firstly, Lawn Green proudly utilises the Dry Lawn Care MethodTM when servicing its customers’ lawns. The aim of our Lawn Care system is to minimise the amount of herbicide spraying. It goes without saying that “less spraying is better”.

So, by relying on granular products (and with minimal to nil spraying) our Lawn Care system is safer around children, pets and plants.

Keen gardeners and lawn lovers are always interested to hear that the aim of our Lawn Care system is designed to minimise the amount of herbicide spraying that goes on.

Q.“What can you do for lawns damaged by curl grub and army worm?”

A.Often in summer and early autumn, people start noticing dead blotchy patches in their lawns. Chances are your lawn is being ravaged by lawn insects (such as curl grub, bill-bug, army worm, sod web worm and so on)!So, for fast help on lawn insect damage,

Call The Lawn Expert On 1300 55 74 72 And Request Your FREE Lawn Care Quote