3 Winter Tips For Your Lawn

Three (3) takeaway tips here in this bit of free publicity for us a few years ago, still relevant and timely.
The three key things you should be doing to help your lawn through winter are:
1. Regular mowing, like every 2-3 weeks, and at a higher mowing height.
Although it is winter and the grass is not belting along, it is important to mow regularly to keep weeds from spreading and to collect leaves and debris from lawns. A lawn left unmowed and weeds allowed to seed is a recipe for disaster.
Also, autumn leaves etc create shade for grass whilst sitting on the lawn (this is not good either).
We like to mow higher in winter as this gives the lawn greater surface area for the grass to photosynthesise and stay greener for longer in the shorter sunlight days.
2. Nil TAP water over winter for warm season grasses like buffalo, kikuyu, couch & zoysia. The rain is suffiicient over winter.
3. Keep feeding the lawn every 3 months, this sets the lawn up for success when the warm Spring weather kicks in.
There you go, good luck with your lawn!